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New Zealand campervan hire guide to Arthurs pass. Arthurs Pass is approximately two hours travel by campervan or rental car from Christchurch on the road West to Greymouth.

We recently traveled by campervan rental from Christchurch and stopped at Lake Pearson for the night. Lake Pearson is the perfect spot to camp for the night; next to a lake, mountains on both sides, it's very picturesque.

The rest area has some grassy surfaces with trees nearby and toilet facilities but now shower. Best part is that freedom camping is free. We slept in the camper van next to the lake for a great view in the morning.

Arthurs Pass is another 30 minutes drive and is a small township with some great walks nearby. The visitors centre has maps on display and interesting day hikes which can be undertaken. Car parks are available there.

On the way back from the lake, we stopped a few times at the view points which were fantastic. Castle Hill is not far away, with boulders that look like castles and a small ski resort. Castle Hill is on private land so authorization must be granted prior to entering the land to view rocks or participate in rock climbing.

There is also an underground stream on the way back. Access is via an underground cave system and a torch needs to be taken. The water gets waist deep at the end of the cave. You should never enter the caves if there has been heavy rain recently.

We stopped the campervan at a small township on the way back for a cup of coffee to break up the journey.

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